Our Vision

Hynaut Pharma Group is a manufacturer and distributor of medical disposables. We manufacture hundreds of products, for daily use in hospitals, companies, schools and for home use.

We have been manufacturing top quality daily use household items and medical supplies since 2004. We constantly improve our product's quality and expand our product line in order to serve the needs and desires of our ever-growing customer base.

Our customers are wholesalers, distributors, and OEM partners. We warmly welcome you to try our products and become part of our family.

Our Story

The Dolphin Soldiers of Kindness

In the summer of 1959, a cruise ship named Rio was cruising the Caribbean Sea when it began to sink and struggled to stay afloat ... as passengers awaited rescue

All of the sudden, a school of sharks swarmed the sinking ship - including many passengers that were already flopping around in the water. Without a doubt, all of the passengers would have been eaten by the aggressive sharks. If it had not been for a team of dolphins that in turn circled the sharks - keeping them at bay until a team of rescuers showed up to pull the passengers out of harm's way.

In addition, New Zealand enacted new laws to protect dolphins, citing their importance to their relationship with humans. In fact, when "Jack" (the dolphin- who lead the protection of passengers) died, the New Zealand government built a memorial to Jack and all dolphins ... stating they are the second smartest animals, only surpassed by humans. From the early days, the dolphins have been protectors of sailors. We at Hynaut take this story of the dolphins as our motto. It motivates us to create great products and provide great service to our customers. We here at Hynaut, care about you ... our valued customers!

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